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The largest butcher shop in Singapore – at Huber’s, you can trust where your meat comes from. We only source from farmers and producers who meet our high standards of animal welfare and share our belief that animals who are treated well in the field will taste better on the plate. In line with this philosophy, we sell meats that are 100% hormone-free, while our sausages are free from added preservatives, chemicals, MSG, additives and fillers. Come meet our expert butchers today and get to know our meat. 

  • More than 90% of the meats and meat products are growth hormone free and these are indicated with an orange label.

  • Over 100 varieties of chilled meat. Meat and sausage counters add up to more than 40 metres long.

  • On-site dry ageing cabinet allowing customised dry aged meats

  • Over 100 varieties of sausages, hams, cold-cuts, pate and terrines that are prepared in-house as well as imported from Australia, France, Germany, Hungary, Italy, Spain and Switzerland. Gluten-free sausages are indicated with a green label

  • Expert butchers, always found behind the butcher’s counters, portion your meats a la minute, therefore, allowing customisation to your preference

  • Butchers on hand to provide information and offer suggestions and meat tips

  • 150 types of cheese

  • Fresh vegetables, herbs and seasonal fruits air-flown mainly from Australia

  • Gourmet groceries, some imported exclusively

  • Carefully selected wines

  • Largest selection of iconic Swiss and German beers and other beverages, some imported exclusively.

22 Dempsey Road Singapore 128456

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