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Created in 2003, PengWine is a boutique wine producer, dedicated to handcrafting unique and high quality wines in the Maipo Valley of Chile. The estate vineyard is snuggled between the Andes and lush Pacific coast.  It is bedded in rich soils and some of the best terroir in the world.  PengWine is a thriving lifestyle brand that is associated with fun, sophistication and prestige.PengWines are considered to be in the top 2% of wines in the world that will cellar for more than 5 years. Each is packaged aesthetically and named after a penguin species from South America. 14 of 17 penguin species live in South America, Antarctica and PengWine pays homage to this amazing sea bird. 

The vision of PengWine is to maintain the fastest growing, sought after Chilean wine brand whilst building the most connected, inspired, and wine educated community in the industry. PengWine has been based in Singapore for the last 10 years and is currently expanding into SEA, China, and South Korea.  Wine brings people together and creates communities, friendships, and bonds that last a life time.  CHEERS!!

10 Sims Close #07-01, Singapore 387299

6743 3188

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