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The OCC Monday Night Golf League began in July 2014, with just 16 teams. It has now grown into the most popular golf league in Singapore, with over 20 teams every season!


The OCC Night League golf is a semi-competitive league, providing an opportunity for golfers to get together to network, win prizes and have a few drinks together on a Monday Night. What better way could you think of spending a Monday night, out on the golf course with 100+ other fellow golfers competing to win the OCC MNGL title.


Each week there is over $1500 of prizes to be won, as well as gaining points for your team in the league. Formats change every week, which include: medals, stablefords, two ball competitions, and match play weeks. After 12 regular season rounds teams will compete in the Grand Final, where one team will be crowned MNGL champions and win a golfing holiday somewhere in South East Asia! The Grand Final prize table also includes individual prizes, lucky draw prizes, and even the last placed team receive a prize. On top of a prize table topping $10k every season there is also the famous Huber’s Butchers BBQ, wine tasting, beers and food after the game. 


Every week will consist of a different format of play where golfers will compete on an individual as well as team basis.  Prizes will be awarded for individuals for the weekly game as well as novelty holes throughout the course.  Golfers will also be playing to contribute for their team scores.  Teams will gain points every week and tracked on a cumulative basis (Similar to the FedEx Cup) with a re-ranking and Grand Final to conclude the season.


Teams - Sign up a team (Min 4 and Max 10 golfers).  Teams are required to have 4 golfers compete on their behalf each week.  We allow you to have 10 registered members of your team as we know individuals will be absent from time to time for other commitments.  You just need to field a team of 4 each week, of which the best 3 scores will count for your team standings.


Individuals - Don't have a team?  No problem!  Sign up as an individual and we will get you placed on a team - either with other individuals like yourself, or filling a gap on an already established team.  Even if you cannot play on a team or do not wish to, you can still compete every week for all of the individual prizes and still be a very big part of the league!


Registration Form Fall 2023

OCC Monday Night Golf League 2023
Rule's & Regulations


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